Willow Sculptures

Just a small selection of some of my sculptures.

The Chestnut  was created  in response to a open call  to the Four Seasons art exhibition at  Southampton Art Gallery, which invited artist from Hampshire Dorset and The Isle of Wight to submit . Very few sculptures were selected  and  I was very pleased to have been  chosen.

pic of my willow chestnut sculpture Willow Chestnut Sculpture

The fantasy bird was created as a experiment with different ways of working , I really enjoyed working on him and he attracts a lot of attention.

Willow Fantasy Bird Sculpture



Willow reindeer / stag sculpture

The  Reindeer was created in response to a request to provide a weekend workshop for  Surrey Wildlife trust.nbsp;




The pig and sheep were created as individual pieces I always try to create an animal who have their own personality

Willow pig sculpture from front willow pig pf side Willow Pig Sculpture from side pic of willow sheep sculpture Willow Sheep Sculpture Willow Curlew and Egret Sculpture









pic of Willow owl Sculpture Willow Owl Sculpture


photo of 2 willow penguins Penguins x 2 pic of willow pear sculpture in garden Willow pear pic of two willow mushroom sculptures Willow Mushrooms






I created the willow curlew and Egret as examples for workshops.  I really love birds and the owl  below is one of my favourites





pic of willow mushrooms in snow Willow mushroom Sculptures in the snow