Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a very important consideration for anyone engaging an artist.

At the time of booking

  • A initial assessment will be carried out with regard to all materials, equipment and known potential risks and safety hazards.
    Appropriate arrangements will be made to ascertain if the proposed venue is a suitable space for the activity to take place as well as assessing if the activity is suitable for the participants, the artist will need  to visit for a pre site visit.
  • A thorough risk assessment will be carried out in advance of the start of the activity and ongoing activity checks will take place as and when needed.
  • Advice will be provided as to whether additional staff support will be required   this will be judged on a case by case basis  and depending on the activity and the client group if needed  this may be provided by the client or by Jaxs Arts.

Health and Safety Policy Statement of intent.
• To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from the work activities.
• To advise participants about the safe handling of tools, equipment and materials used during the activity. On the rare occasion that a student does not follow this advice the tutor will remind them of the correct way to use the equipment and if necessary recommend/remove the equipment to ensure the safety of the person/s involved.
• To ensure that the workshop is appropriate and adapt as necessary to meet the needs of the participants.
• To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals. (please see footer for revision date)

Additional information
DBS checks  and Public Liability Insurance – In today’s society we are more aware of personal safety than we used to be, with this in mind.
• A clear enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service certificate is in place for the artist and all additional staff/volunteers.
• Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance (when needed) is in place to the value of five million pounds.
Appropriate paperwork is in place which includes the following:
•  A  activity specific and site specific risk assessment will be carried out.
• A accident/incident form will be completed  when appropriate and necessary .

It is the responsibility of the client or the venue management to ensure that.

  • The environment has its own health and safety/ risk assessment procedures and safeguards in place and that it complies with current H/S regulations.
  • The venue has its own  public liability insurance in place
  • That all staff are informed of any changes in the environment that may affect their ability to carry out the activity in a safe manner.
  • That when working with children / vulnerable adults that overall responsibility for the participants with regard to the venue  stays with the parents /carers or the organizations who has engaged the tutor to ensure that suitable safety precautions / arrangements have been made.
  • To ascertain the suitability of the activity for the participants that they invite to take part.
  • To advise the tutor of any additional support requirements that a participant might have to enable them to take part and when necessary provide additional support.
  • To agree how the need for additional assistance is met.

Reviewed and revised December 2017