Land Art

Environmental – land art tends to fall into two categories

land based ephemeral art work -stag was inspired by the location and the materials found in the area where it was created


Land based ephemeral  art -created using natural materials that are found in the locality.

These art works are often semi permeant and often will be reclaimed by natural forces ie wind, water, frost, decay etc.  and will often  exist for a short time. Created from materials such as leaves , flowers, sand, water, ice, , shell, clay, rock, bark  etc. . The time of year and the site chosen dictates what is possible. Some land  artist will work into the materials shaping them as they go.  I prefer to use un altered found  materials in their natural form. The only change that I might make is to dry petals, seed pods leaves that I have gathered for a later project.

This artwork  was created early in May in  a woodland area near to my home in Southampton.

When I arrived at the site I had know no plan in mind  and simply wished to respond to the materials available and the space at that time , the artwork was  created from  dried grasses, bark, pine, cones and dried leaves.

Sand lizard

Sand Lizard enviromental art created from found natural materials New Forest National park

The Sand lizard was created as part of the  New Forest Arts Festival in mid June.  Local passers by were invited to  join me in the creation. Because of the nature of this project I had already decided what I was going to create before I arrived and so although I still needed to find the materials that would work so again there is always a level of uncertainty when creating.

Land Art created from found and recycled materials .

picture of land art work created in memory of world war 2

Often created in urban settings it is a great way to use materials that would normally be thrown away or has already been discarded and found . This temporary artwork honouring the anniversary of the end of the second world war was created at Netley Pumpkin Festival in memory of  those lost during WW2

Land art - recycled materials

Attendees were invited to contribute to the creation which was designed in advance. The work was created on a board but not fixed in place and so at the end of the day attendees were invited to take the materials home to reuse them in their own crafts.