JaxsArts Willow and Crafts Returns and Cancelation Policy

Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in my products! Below are the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase, they are here to explain your rights and if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us and we will be happy to explain how this works. What is covered here are things such as who you are purchasing from (section 1), how to make an order (section 2), prices (section 4), shipping and delivery (section 6), right to withdrawal (section 7), and warranties (section 9). We hope that you will enjoy your purchase!

If you wish to use a vouchers from the craft courses workshop please contact me directly and do not purchase a place via this shop.

These general terms and conditions apply when you   place an order from JaxsArts Willow and Crafts

By accepting these General Conditions, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or have your legal guardian’s permission. and that you will comply with the General Conditions . Please note that to attend the workshops advertised in this shop you must be at least 16 years of age.

Please note JaxsArts Willow and Crafts only operates within the United Kingdom and does not export items outside of the UK

Orders etc. { #section_2 }

When I receive an order confirmation from you your purchase order is accepted and a purchase agreement is entered into. I encourage you to save the order confirmation for any future contacts with us. I may deny a purchase order for various reasons, for example if you provide incorrect personal data and/or have a record for non-payment of debt.

You may withdraw your order until it has been confirmed by me. I will then refund any payment that you, or your pay- or credit card company, have made for the order..

I may cancel an order if the products ordered are sold out or in the case of a workshop it does not take place. I e will then refund any amount paid and notify you about equivalent products and options  if such are available.

All products ordered remain my property until U have received full payment for them.

Customer information etc. # { #section_3 }

You are responsible for that the personal data that you provide  is correct and complete.Please note that your date will be kept in accordance with the GPDR data protection regulations and will only be used for the purpose of contacting you about your purchase / activity. If you wish me to add your details to a mailing list please contact me saying that you give me permission for me to store your details for that purpose.

You are responsible for all purchases made . So make sure that you keep the login details secret and that no unauthorized persons have access to them. Let us know if you suspect that an unauthorized person have obtained access to your login details.+

Prices, fees etc. # { #section_4 }

The prices indicated on the Website apply to orders placed on the Website. All prices are in the currency stated on the Website and include VAT where specified. If nothing else is stated on the Website the prices do not include payment- or shipping fees and these are given separately. Please note also that local charges (fees, credit or bank card fees, sales tax,etc.) may apply such charges are at your expense and will not be refunded .

Special offers (shop page) # { #section_5 }

From time to time I may, for specific products, offer more favorable conditions than those provided for in these General Conditions, for example with regards to extended right of withdrawal or free returns. Such more favorable conditions are valid only for a limited duration of time, until the specific products are sold out, and may be cancelled by me at any time, and if we do so these General Conditions will apply without amendments.

Craft items shipping and delivery # { #section_6 }

Products in stock are normally delivered within the number of working days shown on the Website. The expected delivery time for an order is set out in the order confirmation. In case of delay in delivery, we will inform you and continue to monitor the order. You may cancel the order if a delivery is delayed for more than 30 days and the delay is not due to you.

Depending on delivery method you may be required to pick up the order at a specific delivery point. You are required to do so within the time specified in the notification of delivery. If you do not pick up the delivery in time you may be charged a fee and the order may be sent back to us at your expense. We may also cancel the order if the delivery is not picked up in time.

Right to Withdrawal *(Craft items and vouchers)    #section_7 }

You may withdraw your order by notifying me within 14 days from the day that you received the ordered products. You must then send me  a withdrawal notification containing your name, address, e-mail address, the order number and a specification of which products that the withdrawal relates to. You must then also, immediately and within 14 days from the date of the withdrawal notification, return the withdrawn products to us at your expense. You are responsible for the condition of the products during the shipment back to me and  I  therefore strongly recommend that you send these well packaged, in good condition and in their original box and/or packaging.

When an order is withdrawn by you, I will refund the price that you have paid for the products withdrawn, including any shipping costs for standard delivery to you (meaning the cheapest available method of delivery so you will not get a refund for extra costs due to that you have opted for express delivery or something similar). From the amount to be refunded I will however deduct any depreciation in value of the products if such depreciation is due to that you have handled them to a greater extent than necessary to determine their function or characteristics. Shipping costs are further only refunded if the withdrawn products form a whole order and are therefore not refunded if you cancel only parts of an order. I will pay the amount to be refunded as soon as possible and within 14 days of the withdrawal notification. I will however delay the payment until we have received the withdrawn products or proof that they have been sent to us (certificate of delivery). The refund will be paid with the same payment method that you used to pay the withdrawn products unless otherwise agreed.

Right to Withdrawal *(Workshops)    

If an is withdrawn by you , I will refund the price that you have paid a set out below.

Cancelation notice period of workshops purchased directly from myself via my  shop or via bank payment etc

  • Two weeks’ notice must be received to guarantee a full refund, minus a £5 administration cost, If you wish to attend a future workshop I am happy to provide you with a credit note for the full amount . –
  • Less than two weeks notice you will receive  50 % of the amount paid.. If you wish to keep this as a credit for a future workshops please let me know.
  • Please  note that if you have purchased a Craft Courses voucher and are using it to purchase a workshop I will not be able to reimburse you in cash however I may be able to change the voucher to be used for a different workshop if the Craft Courses administrators agree to that happening

I will pay the amount to be refunded as soon as possible and within 14 days of the withdrawal notification The refund will be paid with the same payment method that you used to pay the withdrawn products unless otherwise agreed

Warranty and Complaints # { #section_8 }

Craft items please see shop page terms and conditions


Limitation of Liability # { #section_9 }

Where applicable mandatory law does not provide otherwise, our liability is limited to direct damages and under no circumstances are we liable for indirect damages such as loss of earnings etc.

Intellectual Property Rights # { #section_10 }

The Website and all its content is owned by us or our licensors and protected by intellectual property and marketing legislation. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information on products, services and other content may not be copied or used without our prior written consent.

Waiver # { #section_11 }

I reserve ourselves for any image or typographical errors on the Website, such as errors in product descriptions, technical specifications, inaccurate prices or incorrect information with regards to whether a product is in stock. We are entitled to rectify any obvious errors and, at any time, to change or update the information on the Website accordingly.

The images on the Website are for illustration purposes only and do not guarantee to reproduce the exact number of products that you would receive at an order, nor the exact appearance, function or origin of the products.

Changes to the General Conditions # { #section_12 }

These General Conditions at any time. We will then set forth the changed General Conditions on the Website and they will enter into force once you have accepted them (in connection with a new order through the Website or while browsing the Website).

Governing law and disputes # { #section_13 }

In the event of a dispute, I will strive to comply with any decision by the relevant consumer protection authorities.

Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these General Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court at the place of our incorporation. “Non-exclusive jurisdiction” means that you may bring a claim against us in another jurisdiction if provided by applicable mandatory law.

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