Willow lantern online workshops


I love making lanterns and I often run lantern-making workshops for lots of different places so I thought that it might be nice to offer this as a fun activity as an online workshop to do at home.

You will have the choice to create either

  • a Pyramid, ball, or box  which can be either a traditional lantern or  turned into a variety of items such as a  bauble, Christmas pudding, or present or if you feel more ambitious
  • a snow person
  • a gingerbread house,
  • 5 or 6 sides star.
  • a cone shape Christma tree

Cost £40 per person including kit and zoom workshop ( minimum attendee  4 people)

If you are having a special occasion, for example, a wedding or anniversary, or would like me to work with you to create bespoke lanterns for an event please contact me to discuss this option.( Bespoke cost depending on requirements)

This is a great activity to do with friends or family and is a great online activity.

So how to get involved If you are doing this as a group you will need to choose one item to make.

What does this include 

I will send you a lantern kit of your choice and we will book a  zoom session for us to do together.  .paper instructions and materials, willow, and LED lights. Please note that the price is per person not per group.

A laptop computer or tablet with access to the internet to watch the video tutorial on. If you wish to take part in a Zoom workshop your device will need a camera and microphone as well.

A pair of secateurs or wire cutters/ pliers to cut the willow.

PVA glue, a container for the glue, scissors, ruler, and wooden cane or hanging stick if you want to carry it.

You will also need a suitable place to make the lantern e,g a kitchen table

Somewhere to work e,g. a covered table and clothes that you don’t mind getting PVA glue on.

This option is suitable for small groups of  4 -8  people from different households. Please note that the price is per person and is suitable for most people, you will need to have good hand dexterity and strength to use the secateurs. Please note that this workshop is not suitable for young children to do on their own.