Willow Crafts

I love making things out of willow and cane it is such an interesting material to work and is one of my favourite crafts. And have been working with willow  for over 10 years

Here are just a few examples of the workshops that I offer please follow the links for more details

Willow and cane  basketry skills 

Picture of cane heart, star and Christmas treewillow-fish-platter-and-leafphoto willow tray and platter

Willow sculpture

willow duck and chickenphoto of willow spherephoto of cute willow deer

Willow for the  garden

photo of willow bird housesWillow cloches

Weaving activities at community days,  fairs, groups and festivals 

 rope walk gardens young person willow weavingphoto of willow dragon flies

 Living willow

willow arbour just after it was made CAMERAwillow arbour growingwillow fedge growing

Being very much a seasonal activity working with willow takes place in n the spring.

Willow lanterns and large  structures

Giant heart lanternpic of making willow lanternsphotograph of me demonstrating how to make willow lanterns at Winchester Lantern workshop