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This is always an interesting time of year isn’t it with everything starting to come to life, the trees are starting to fill out and new blossoms appear.

I love taking time out to explore and I am often out watching wildlife inf fact I am an avid follower of several Facebook wildlife groups,  always looking for lovely places to visit to observe our amazing wildlife, often it is on your doorstep where you see the most interesting things.

Over the winter months, I have been volunteering once a week to clear peat/heathland from invasive plants that dry out the soil, a potential danger in the summer if there is a fire.

As usual, I have been out collecting wild garlic and early nettle leaves to eat.

If you fancy collecting your own   wear gloves for teh nettles chossing young tops to prep nettles which can be used similarly to spinch, remember to wash any foraged materials , wild garlic can be used similarly to chives. To prepare nettles simply scald them in hoiling  water to remove the sting  before using, they dont need much cooking.

I love seeing the trees coming back to life dont you and with the wood sap rising I must try to find the time to harvest wild willow bark for projects as well as collecting bramble stems whilst they are still tender before the berries come in.(You can dry branble despiked bramble stems and rehydrate them in boiling water and a later date 

I have also been collecting long dandelion stems on dry days as well as harvesting daffodil stems and leaves once the flowers have dried , they will be dried out in bunches ready to make with.

The first couple of months were very quiet as usual giving me time to recoup and sort things out I am not really a winter person and I do tend to hibernate a little at the beginning of the year, but that didn’t last for long as I was working on a large commission, and with busy times are ahead I thought that id share some of the activities and places where you will find me in the next couples of months.

If you’ve been busy making do let me know how you are doing if you are on Facebook or Instagram do ping me to share what you’ve been up to you will find me under the name of willowandcrafts.

willow fish on sticks

Public events

  • Beltane Celtic Fire Festival at Butser Ancient Farm on Saturday 29th April
  • South Downs Green Fayre ( at the Sustainability Centre) Sunday 7th May
  • Second Sunday Art Market Andover town centre I will be there making willow fish with visitors.
  • Winchester Art Market Sunday 21st May


  • Willow owl workshop Sat 13th May Portchester nr Fareham ( just  place remaining)
  • Sunflower/large flower half day monthly make Thursday 18th May at the Lapstone Pub Fair oak Eastleigh.

Moon gazing / sitting Hare workshop Friday 19th May Queen Elizabeth Country Park nr Petersfield.

Willow deer head workshop 8th June Queen Elizabeth Country Park nr Petersfield

  • Create a flower-inspired rag rug Tudor House Museum Sunday 11th June
  • Create a sweet pea basket climbing/ frame monthly make June 15th at the Lapstone

As you will notice my monthly makes are now taking place at the Lapstone Pub in Fair Oak and include lunch as well so a lovely relaxing session and only cost £45 so a lovely way to relax and make and make new freinds

Anyway that’s it for now my summer newsletter will be created  in the next few months

Happy Making








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