Willow sculptures and items that can be made in my workshops

 Examples of  willow items and sculptures that you can make at one of my workshops 

Please consider With all workshops the level of the detail that you will achieve is different for each person and how quickly you learn and connect with the material to a proficient level can take a great deal of time and perseverance,  some people have a natural affinity to a craft whilst others take a little while longer.

 Creating small items half day and full day (£35 -£65)

photo of small willow heart and flow from my workshops

A small item workshop is a great way to dip into willow sculpture and is the one that I would recommend for anyone who would prefer to make a variety of items or doesn’t feel that they would like to start with a larger item.

It is also ideal for anyone who has conditions such as carpal tunnel or arthritis who would

like to have a go at working with willow but is nervous that they might not manage that well as the activities are less taxing and I can bring alternative materials should it be preferable.



photo of small willow christmas decorations

Hearts, various flowers, bird feeders,  fish, mini birds, small balls, ovals, Seasonal items such as Christmas trees, stars, fairies/ mini angels. ( visit the  link below for the small garden items )




photo of small birdhouse

Items for the garden,

Birdhouses large fruit, abstract shapes, mushrooms, cloches, spheres, flowers. For further information follow the link to the willow for the garden page.





Create a small sculpture -half-day activity (4 hrs)

Willow woodpeckerActivities include small birds e,g woodpeckers,  seagulls, to medium-sized spheres, small fruit  and  medium-size hearts






Beginners Basketry skills

I  also offer a range of introduction to basketry skills workshops using willow and cane that is suitable for a half-day workshop. or full-day workshop.


Pic of willow pig for workshops from JaxsArts Willow and Crafts

Full-day workshop -medium-sized sculpture workshops £70 -£80

I offer a variety of topics including Birds of all types: Wading birds-, egrets, curlew, game birds,  pheasants, various chickens and

pic of willow chicken

ducks, owls, flamingos, etc. Hares,  piglets, penguins, snow people, deer animal head.


Mixed activity  weekend workshop where students work on their own project  over 2 days  £150 + materials

photo of cute willow deer This is a lovely leisurely weekend where students will be introduced to a range of techniques to help you to feel comfortable and familiarise yourself with working with willow.

You will start by creating a small item to help you to become familiar with the material to enable you to move on and develop your own ideas and create your own creature or abstract sculpture.

 Bespoke private  tuition

photo of two students making willow deerThe price for these workshops varies on the items that you wish to make and are ideal if you Please read the bespoke workshop page for more  information