Kind words and thoughts go along way to making the world a better place

Hello again I just wanted to share with you how lovely it has been to received such kind comments and interesting thoughts from  people who have read my blogg, as  have only recently combined my blogg and website I have been overwhelmed by  the fantastic feedback and responses that I have received… My purpose was  to be more than just a factual blog about my work which although important to  me doesn’t really tell you much about my the things that interest and inspire me.

I have never really been one for the pretentious and often elitist unobtainable  view of  creativity which depicts art and crafts  as being  inaccessible and difficult to do  thereby  putting many   people of even trying in the first place..  all artist and creatives had to start somewhere and after all buying art is as much about what someone is prepared to pay as the skill of the person  creating it anyway enough if that as I am likely to go of on a full blown rant    …..It  is so good to know that others share similar ideas and ways of thinking….and that its not just me.

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