Introduction to willow sculpture online virtual workshops

Dragonfly willow craft

Small items workshop a great introduction to willow sculpture in your own home.
£50 per person 

Create a selection of items do decorate your home and garden, a  lovely introduction to willow sculpture for anyone wishing to make a  number of smaller items and is a  great way to connect with family and  friends  in my  virtual workshop space

Choose 1 or 2 items to make during this workshop. Items include hearts and flowers dragonflies, butterflies and bird feeders.

The online workshop is suitable for adults and teenagers who have good hand dexterity and strength.

What to expect at one of my workshops

We will arrange a date for us to meet each other in my virtual workshop.
If you prefer to join in with other students I will be arranging group online workshops as well the choice is yours and if you have friends and family that you would like to do this with that’s fine. We will all need to be doing the same workshop.

I like to keep my attendee numbers low to enable me to provide the support and advice where needed and so I limit my places to a maximum of 4 participants at this online workshop.

What will I provide

I will send you the willow that you need to complete the project and instructions on how to prepare the willow in advance of the workshop as well some hints and tips etc. We will then arrange a date to meet for our virtual workshop.

To be able to take part

You will need

  • A computer or tablet with a camera and microphone and access to Zoom – for information about getting connected 
  • Somewhere to soak the willow e.g. a bath, old paddling pool etc, if you dont have anything suitable I can advise please contact me.
  • Some large towels
  • A pair of secateurs or wire cutters/ pliers to cut the willow.
  • Plenty of room to move around – willow is long it’s easier to knock things over a large kitchen table with space to move around or your a chair or sofa with room to move around or even outside if its a nice day in the garden if you have one.
  •  If your planning to do this workshop with someone else at home you will need even more room so that you don’t wack each other with the willow when your working. If your not sure send me a photo so I can tell you what will work.

To book a place please visit the  workshop booking information page 

If you have any question please contact me