Introduction to willow sculpture online virtual workshops

If you been itching to join in with a workshop then this is the option for you

I offer two different workshops that you can do in your home either by yourself or with friends and family if you want to learn together

  1. Video tutorial which you can use at your own pace and are ideal for individuals or groups
  2. Online bookable workshops that are suitable for individuals as well as small groups of 2-4 households.

So how does this work

I send you the materials with instructions as to how to prepare them. With exception of the lantern workshops, you will need to soak the willow in advance.

I can send you brown willow which still has bark on and is great for going outside ( this takes 5- 6 days to soak) or buff willow which can be prepared the day before and is more suitable for staying inside.

These workshops cost  from £50 -£80  and are available to purchase via my shop 

What can I make ?

Small items workshop, a great introduction to willow sculpture in your own home.

Create a selection of items to decorate your home and garden, a  lovely introduction to willow sculpture for anyone wishing to make a  number of smaller items, and is a  great way to connect with family and friends. 

Dragonfly willow craft

The   3  hr workshop allows for a minimum of  2 small items to be made. Items include hearts and flowers dragonflies, butterflies, bees, bird feeders, fish, and a selection of seasonal items such as  Christmas decorations trees, fairies, stars, mini, reindeer, etc  You can also make small  Catalonian basket platters, woven leaf /fish platters and more

The workshop is suitable for anyone who has good hand dexterity and strength, children may take part but may need assistance.

I occasionally offer a group online zoom  workshop that individuals can book on, these are advertised on my workshop page

Photograph of willow tray and simple basket for workshopWhat is included


I will send you the willow that you need to complete the project and instructions on how to prepare the willow in advance of the workshop.  The link to the video tutorial/  Zoom invite will be sent by email.

You will need 
  • Zoom workshops- computer or tablet with a camera and microphone and access to the internet  for information about getting connected 
  • Video workshop - a computer/ tablet with access to the internet and sound so that you can watch the video.
  • Somewhere to soak the willow e.g. a bath, old paddling pool. large tub etc, I can the willow into a ring to fit it into a tub or leave it straight if you enough space, you can also purchase a soaking bag.  
  • Time to soak the willow  
  • Some large towels/old cotton sheet
  • A pair of bypass secateurs or medium side cutters/ pliers to cut the willow.
  • Plenty of room to move around – willow is long it’s easier to knock things over a large kitchen table with space, chair, cushion on the floor, or even outside if it’s a nice day and you have a good internet connection.
  •  If your planning to do this workshop with someone else at home you will need enough room so that you don’t wack each other with the willow when your working. If your not sure send me a photo so I can tell you what will work.

To book a place  visit my shop if you have any questions please contact me 

For details relating to cancellations and postponements