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Living willow hearts

First summer

I am busy creating my living willow hearts again this year 

Such a lovely present for someone you care about or lovely treat that keeps on giving

My handwoven hearts are great for those of you that loves the idea of having a living willow plant but doesn’t have the room to grow one .  individual in size and shape,

I sell them in dormant form unrooted in the spring  (and these can be posted at that stage) as well as when they are growing . Once they are on leaf which is usually from May onwards so I only sell these locally as they are to fragile to post ( see below for more details)

I create hearts from two different strains of willow ( details below) each costing £25  + delivery if needed . if you wish to find out more simply follow the lkink to  my shop 

 Flanders red which is a  quite a study willow with  yellowy green bark  with an attractive red blush at the tips as it aged the old bark changes to a reddish/rust colour bark it may develop green subsequent years

 Brittany green is a fine willow with  red/ purple / green bark with dark green oval leaves , it tends to have   yellowish  buds and may develop greyish catkins. In its dormant stage it takes on a pink / red tings .

Plant sizes 

The plant sizes vary and will be approximately- 100cm -110 height   please note if you want me to post the plant to you  I will need to reduce the height to just under 100 cm to allow for postage ( if you wish me to send you the larger size the postage cost is doubled)

If you prefer a different size please contact me to discuss


The plants can be grown in pots  -The soil needs to be kept moist throughout the year this option makes it easier to move the plant to different locations and find the one that suits it best You will need to water it regularly especially in the first few months and when there hasn’t been very much rain/ the soil is dry.

It is designed to be kept trimmed and stay a similar size  maybe , if you wish to plant it outside  do not plant  it near to walls or water the roots will spread underground.

What to expect

Each plant is provided with aftercare instructions including how to maintain its shape once it is established.

The plant will start to develop buds in the spring usually April onwards and will be in leaf by the early summer, it will shed its leaves in late autumn.


  • Collection – free from my home located near to  Southampton Airport  or I can deliver locally or send by courier

Spring summer willow activities taking place in Hampshire

I have been busy organising the spring / summers willow sculpting workshops , with some new and familiar venues  starting with some local workshops in Chandlers Ford and Hedge End ( Near Eastleigh) and Shawford near Winchester)   with some further afield at Wickham ( near to Fareham) ,   I am also retuning to Butser Ancient Farm ( near Petersfield) again in the summer

I am really pleased to share that I am  also running a workshop at  Tudor House Museum in the old part of Southampton

If all goes well I will be returning to the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke this year  as they are planning to restart their workshop program and I will be back in the New Forest again in the summer

Its always worth keeping a check on what I am doing I regularly post on Facebook and Instagram

Busy bee, news about next years willow sculpture activities – autumn /winter update

Autumn/ Winter update ( November 21)

I don’t know about you but I love the autumn and winter  the changing seasons are amazing and autumn and spring are definitely my favorite seasons

I am looking forward to my first willow harvest , I only have e a small plot so not enough to be self sufficient but there is something specials about growing and harvesting your own materials and I am looking forward to using them in some of my creations next year.

With so many changes it has been strange a year hasn’t it, I’ve been busy with workshops and activities. and I now have many activities and dates arranged for the first half of next year with more being planned  I already have people booking on and others buying a gift for someone special so the ways things are going its going to be a busy year ahead

I am really enjoying my time as artist in residence at Tudor House Museum in Southampton, having time out to experiment and create is really important and it is rejuvenating me with fresh ideas

I have also been fortunate to have been able to have been involved in some  great art exhibitions  and art  fairs this year this year if your interested in finding out more about these pop over to my other site

It is always great fun being outside teaching this year  and I have loved providing workshops at amazing outdoor venues such as Butser Ancient Farm however now that the winter is setting in I am glad t o be back indoors.

If you are interested in seeing some of my work I am showing some of my work at Westbury Manor Museum in Fareham  until the New Year, if your interested in finding out more pop over to my events page for more details,

It has  been great fun visiting  school projects again and  I have been out visiting local groups which is always a pleasure.



New market activities

Hi with the changes brought about by the lockdown many of the art exhibitions and events that I am usually attending have been put on hold so I have started having a stall at the occasional arts and craft market. my first foray for a while over the summer was at the South Central Makers arts and Craft fair in Stockbridge. I am now pleased to be able to share that I will be at the Romsey art and craft market on Sunday 13th December and the Eastleigh Arts and Craft Market on Saturday 19th December.

For more details and up to date information check out my events and news page.

Zoom workshops with a twist

Have you been wanting to get together with friends or celebrate a special event together then you might be interested in booking a zoom workshop with me

The workshop package is for up to 4- 6 people for a 2 – 3 hr hr activity

Cost £40 per person

Option 1.  Dragonfly, birdfeeder,  and fish

Includes all materials but  not tools ( see below )

Option 2. Willow heart, large flower, and small star/wand

Option 3. Willow lantern, White or whites with color. including white and colored tissue, all materials, and a pair of children’s scissors.

You will need to supply a  pasting tray and table cover

Materials   I will supply all of the materials.

Equipment You will need to supply a pair of secateurs or large wire cutters if you don’t have either of these   I can supply a pair for an additional £5.

You will also need table coverings and a plastic tray for the lanterns and I would suggest an apron or clothes that you don’t mind getting PVA glue on.

Preparing the willow: you will need somewhere to soak the willow for 5 hours the day before you need it,  so a bath or paddling pool/pond is fine. You will also need something to wrap the willow in to mellow it overnight e.g a damp sheet. towel.


If you live near to Southampton I can arrange to deliver ( I charge 45p per mile)  or you can collect it from my home.

If this cant is arranged postage costs £10 per package to post if you are able to have all of the packages sent to one address this will be a lower cost depending on how many packages are sent.

Please note that none of these activities are suitable for young children aged under 10 years to do on their own, children will need an adult or much older sibling to get involved, Hopefully, if you are an adult, you will be able to do this on your own.

Launch of new online shop

Hi with the changes that we are all learning to adapt to.   I would normally be very busy attending art exhibitions and shows, as with many other creative enterprises I am making changes to adapt and  I have launched an online shop where I am selling a variety of my willow items and sculptures and some of my artworks. For more details follow the link at the top of the page




You Tube channel

Hi I  am pleased to be able to share that I now have a YouTube channel with a selection of min tutorials and activities you can find me by clicking here

Get connected live training session on Zoom

Hi if you want to contact me to have a chat about a project or wish to take part in one of my online workshops I use zoom for the sessions

If you are not already using it is simple to get started you just need to log in, it won’t cost you anything as I will be inviting you to join me.  If you haven’t used it before you can use it for unlimited 1-1 meetings and up to 40 minutes for group meetings. Zoom link

It works on most systems from pcs to tablets and android  here is a link to Zoom for more details

If you have a computer that doesn’t have a computer or microphone some smartphones and camera can be connected to your computer and used instead here are some useful links.

New online workshops

With everything that is been going on recently its been such a pity to have needed to postpone my workshops, so I decided to look at ways that I can provide online tutorials for those of you who don’t want to wait until its safe to go out again.

So here we go the first ones that I’m starting with is the textile workshops and  I’ve already launched the rag rug workshop and the peg loom will be ready very soon.

Then I’ll be looking at some willow weaving and other options as well if you are interested in finding out more do drop me  a line .:-) Jacquie

Interesting questions what do you think?

I was recently asked some interesting questions so I thought that id share my answers.

What advice do you have for any graduates/up & coming makers/designers who would like to have a career in craft?

Keep on experimenting, never stop learning, and always be open to different possibilities/ perspectives.

Working in the arts/ craft environment can mean that sometimes times life can be tough especially if the cash flow dwindles. It is useful to have several different ways of earning a living. Try not to be disheartened, it is ok to earn some of your income from something unrelated to your craft to pay the bills and keep you going. The advantage that you have over other people is your ingenuity, and your ability to step back and consider different possibilities. Go with what feels right.

Do you have any dream jobs/people you would like to work with?

I would  love to spend some time with willow sculptures Tom Hare, Michelle Cain and  Laura Ellen Bacon. I  love being in inspirational environments such as  Les Machines de l’île in Nantes which is a great  place to visit , I’d love the to be invited to work on a collaborative project there.


What do you love about what you do, and what do you hate? OR What’s the best bit and what’s the worst bit of what you do?

Lack of time can be frustrating, I often think that it might be useful to have one of the time turner gadgets from the Harry Potter stories, mind you then I’d probably just exhaust myself trying to fit everything in that I want to do.