Photo of Jacqueline Rolls creating a new willow sculpture at the Southern Nature Arts show












Jacqueline Rolls is a willow sculptor, workshop facilitator, and teacher who lives and works in Hampshire. A life-long creator and lover of the natural world, Jacqueline’s teaching process is inspired by abstract forms, the beautiful variety of our environment, and connecting with a sense of place. She works from the ‘inside out, showing her students the subtle ways that the smallest tweak to the structure of a piece can transform the final product.

Jacqueline – who works under the name Willow and Crafts – followed a meandering path towards her artistic career. As a child, she loved nothing more than exploring her natural surroundings and making mud pies and rose petal perfumes. Her father’s work meant that she would continuously move to a different location every few years. Making and uncovering the sparks of magic outside her doorstep was her way of connecting with her new home. As she moved into adulthood, Jacqueline realized that she wanted to share this sense of creative discovery with others. She spent several years working in community development roles where her love of creating came into its own. This led to her opening her own art workshop business in 2007.  Soon after, a chance visit to a festival in 2009 brought her to the wonderful world of willow crafting. As the saying goes, the rest was history.

Through Willow and Crafts, Jacqueline exercises a playful spontaneity – she is a strong advocate for ‘learning by doing, and she strives to inspire her students to lose themselves in the process of creating for the sake of creating.  Her work is rarely about the final product, and instead of the joyous act of harvesting and collecting materials before centering herself in the artistic journey. In her workshops, you can expect space to experiment and connect with materials, the history that they represent, and the traditions that connect us with the natural world.

In 2021, Jacqueline was awarded her first Art’s Council grant which funded her artist residency at Tudor House Museum and Garden, Southampton which allowed her to take time out to explore different ways of working. Her ultimate goal is to continue exploring new ideas and to share her passion for creating with others.












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