Willow sculpture workshops FAQ

Do I have to have any experience to attend a workshop?

The workshops are suitable for beginners as well as for those with some experience.   We all work at different rates and learn in different ways whilst some people prefer to start with creating a selection of small items others prefer to jump right in and have a go at creating one large item. 

The aim for the day is to introduce you to a variety of techniques needed to create your project and for you have gained confidence in working with the materials.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a created your item, depending on how quickly you work you may wish to add more detail if this is the case you will be able to take some materials home with you.

 Do I need to speak to you about anything before I book onto the workshop?

Working with willow can be very tiring and physical especially if you attending a day workshop, so if you have difficulty in using your hands or any other condition that you feel might make it difficult to take take part in the activity please contact me to discuss how I can help.

What will I learn at the workshop?

You will learn a variety of techniques including basic basketry techniques and free form sculptural techniques, The workshops are designed to meet all levels of experience however the level of detail that you will achieve will vary from person to person and will often depend on your previous experience.

I’ve never done anything like this before can you advise me which workshops would be better for me to start with?

If you are someone who prefers working on small precise works id suggest starting with the workshops where we create several smaller items e.g Xmas crafts, garden items, small birdhouse. For those of you that like to experiment and see what happens, I would suggest starting with a small sculptural item. 

What should I expect?

  • I like to keep my attendee numbers low to enable me to provide the support and advice where needed and I  limit my places to a maximum of 8 participants attending per workshop.
  • All tools and materials are included along with refreshments fruit and cakes unless otherwise stated, information sheets will also be provided to take home about how to look after your creations, and how to prepare materials and purchase them.
  • I also bring aprons and gloves if you want to use them or you can bring your own. It is always good to wear practical clothes and bring something warm if it is chilly weather just in case you need it.

Additional information

  • Spaces usually book up quickly. If the workshop is full and I receive enough interest I will organize a second workshop.
  • On occasion because of peoples, availability workshops do not have enough attendees to make it viable, if this happens  I will cancel it and postpone it to another date, in such cases students will be entitled to a refund or a place on another workshop. 

 Other considerations:

I need time to prepare the willow which needs to be soaked in advance

  • Places must be booked a minimum of one week before if you wish  to create an item to go outside out of brown willow
  • 3 days minimum if you are happy to use buff willow (this is not suitable for staying outside in cold/wet weather.)

Please note that working with willow and can be tiring on the hands and may be difficult for you to do if you have conditions such as arthritis or find it hard to grip and pull. If your not sure or have any concern please contact me in advance to discuss as I may be able to assist you with using alternative materials.

Please read the following information about cancellations etc  BOOKING INFORMATION PAGE 

Private workshops I provide a range of options including workshops for a small group (2-3) and group bookings for friends, families, etc if you are interested in discussing this possibility please contact me. Please note that option is not always available as at certain times of the year I am extremely busy showing my work at art exhibitions. shows etc and providing activities at  events etc