Community Art Projects

Creative engagement art participation and community projects offer a fantastic  opportunities for doing something together .

a picture of mural making particpants

 Alongside  my passion for creating with willow I also create and sell my own art work  and some of this quite naturally spills over to working with others.

It is so easy to think of art as something that as a solitary activity.

Working with others on a shared art project   is a totally different way of working , it  takes you out of your comfort zone, and brings so many benefits , the old saying  that we can achieve so much more when we work together than we can on our own  definitely applies  .

 Working together also  has the added bonus of providing a safe  environment that can enable us to overcome  our  differences, minor issues can fizzle away when your having fun .

Mural panel depicting winter, 2. 4 mtr by 1.5mtr


I have been involved in the creation and delivery of many long term  projects.Examples of the types of activity that I can work with you on include.

Creating :

  •  Willow lantern events
  • Murals and large scale art collaborations.
  • Large scale sculpture activities including  giant masks and characters.
  • Cane and willow sculpture work .
  • Large scale environmental art activities linked to using natural and  recycled materials.
  • Planning events which include training exercises.


The activities can be tailored to meet a variety of different audiences irrespective of age , ability and background as well as be adapted to work in many different environments including festivals and celebration events, community based projects as well as small group projects and activities linked to learning environments.

I am always happy to be set a challenge and to explore any new ideas for projects.