About me

Hello and welcome to my willow and crafts workshop pages my name is Jacqueline Rolls and I am a willow sculptor and artist working from my home in Southampton, Hampshire.

I am passionate about sharing my love for creating with others  so you will often find me and about demonstrating at art exhibitions and shows

I caught the willow bug at a weekend music festival in 2009 and disappeared for the weekend into the craft area emerging to watch the bands in the evening.

Like many other creatives I have taught many different crafts over the years and so I have become very experienced at offering bespoke art participation events, activities, and training with a wide range of audiences and clients.  My experience is broad and varied  which  means that I  able to adapt to many different situations.  I would recommend this to anyone starting out especially if are interested in exploring different ideas and not sure where you want to focus your energies.

Bringing us up to date

With so many changes over the last year for all of us, this obviously meant that many of the activities that I would usually be involved in couldn’t happen, I found that I was missing spending time with other people. During the first lockdown,  and living in a relatively urban environment I loved the fact that the hedgerows and plants weren’t being cut back,  it also occurred to me that this would mean that it would be much easier for others to collect materials near to where they live and so I decided to start filming my activities to share with others. Now my videos weren’t perfect by any means but they did give me more confidence. Once the restrictions relaxed, I started providing workshops again and am now busy again providing a variety of different activities and workshops, alongside creating and exhibiting my own work and working on a number of projects

If your interested in finding our more about my own creations and bespoke work and commissions etc  a link to my own artwork and creations page is listed in the tabs

If I can help in any way do get in touch as you never know what is possible.