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There is something quite magical about taking a natural material and creating something new .

I was one of those children who entertained myself making mud pies, inventing rose petal perfume, building dens  and creating mini master pieces from anything that  I could find it.  Being both creative and practical has always been useful and a skill that I took for granted. My home was covered in murals and I was always making gifts for friends and making lots of things for my home etc

My first experience of making things from  willow happened  at least 15 years ago  when I made some small willow items at a music festival it, I soon realised that I had a natural affinity with the material.

In 2006 when I was working as a community development worker  many  of the people that I was working with were encouraging me to do some thing with my creative skills and so I decided to take the plunge and start my own art business as a self employed  teacher, trainer and artist.

Before long I was helping friends to make willow lanterns at local events and experimenting with different crafts which I then shared with others but I always returned to working with willow,

At this time I was also starting to show some of my paintings alongside other artist and growing in confidence and experience, some of my work was starting to be chosen for exhibitions and I was being asked to create commissioned pieces.

It is interesting that many people start working as a artist and then move into  into teaching where as I have gone the other way,  I am sure that if I had gone to art college or known lots of other artist when I was younger I would have  had the confidence to develop my own practice and ventured into  making a living from my own work much earlier. However the advantage of being self taught is that I have learned that  that there is always a different way to do something, and  we learn that  it doesn’t matter if we don’t get it right first time  the trick is to have a go and keep trying.

I now work from my home in a small studio at my home in Southampton using my loft and my spare bedroom for storage. When I find the time I also paint and experiment with other media in a studio space that I share with other members of the Keepers Artist Collective based in East Street, Southampton.

As well as teaching and creating my own work I also provide experiences and activities at countryside events , fairs and music festivals.(for more details  follow the link below)

I also enjoy collaborative work and bouncing ideas and am happy to consider working on interesting projects.

Bye for now Jacqueline Rolls

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2 Responses to About me

  1. My grandaughter may be interested in learning paper-making. Do you include this in your skills?

    • Hi Rod yes I provide paper making how ever I am unlikely to provide a class unless there is enough requests