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There is something quite magical about taking a natural material and creating something new . I first discovered my interest in making things from willow  many years ago when I made a  willow snail and small basket at a music festival. I have always loved working with natural and recycled materials and willow being a living material has a unique quality that I love as  it  can be used in many  different ways .

I love sharing my passion for creating with others and not surprisingly I was one of those children who entertained myself making mud pies, inventing rose petal perfume, creating mini masterpieces and  building dens.

Being both creative and practical has always been useful but it wasn’t until I started working  as a community development  worker that I discovered that  I was naturally using my creativity abilities to enable other people to gain new skills and develop their own confidence .  In 2oo6  with the encouragement from many of the people that I was working with I made the decision to start my own art business as a self employed  teacher, trainer and artist.

Obviously that decision was the right one as I am still teaching ,  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely interesting people,  being involved in many different experiences, faced different challenges  and pushed myself into trying things that I had not thought that I would be capable of .

The one thing that I have learned is that we never stop learning and that there is always a different way to do something, it doesn’t matter if we don’t get it right first time  the trick is to have a go and keep trying.

Alongside creating my own sculptures and art works I  provide  a variety of workshops, craft experiences and activities at countryside events , fairs and music festivals as well as working on  variety of projects including creating and coordinating  lantern festivals  and public art murals.

Bye for now Jacquie

For more details about my experience and background
For more information about my own artwork http://www.jrolls.co.uk/


2 Responses to About me

  1. My grandaughter may be interested in learning paper-making. Do you include this in your skills?

    • Hi Rod yes I provide paper making how ever I am unlikely to provide a class unless there is enough requests