About me

Hello and welcome,

There is something quite magical about taking natural material and creating something new.

I was one of those children who entertained myself making mud pies, inventing rose petal perfume, building dens and creating mini masterpieces from anything that  I could find it.  Being both creative and practical has always been useful and a skill that I took for granted. My home was covered in murals and I was always making gifts for friends and making lots of things for my home etc

My first experience of making things from willow happened at least 15 years ago when I made some small willow items at a music festival it, I soon realized that I had a natural affinity with the material.

I now create my own sculptures from my small studio in my garden, I  also offer a range of workshops and activities on projects. When I find the time I also paint and experiment with other media 

I also enjoy collaborative work and bouncing ideas and am happy to consider working on projects that interest me.

Member of the Basketmakers Association and the Keepers Artist Collective based in Southampton

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2 Responses to About me

  1. My grandaughter may be interested in learning paper-making. Do you include this in your skills?

    • Hi Rod yes I provide paper making how ever I am unlikely to provide a class unless there is enough requests