Willow workshops (current)

Hello  and welcome to my current  willow  workshops  page

After a very busy last few months I have been taking some time of and will be recharging my batteries ready for the spring , my first workshop for the year is

These  workshop are  aimed at anyone from beginners to those with some experience .

I am still confirming venue details for some of  the workshops they will take place in Eastleigh / Southampton area.

Half Day workshops

All half day workshops cost £45 and run from 9.30 -1.30

Create a willow globe /  sphere , 1/2 day workshop , this is  a great introduction  to willow sculpture not only will you create a lovely item , you will gain some of the skills that you will help you to create larger items. Date 24th February Venue Belmont Hall, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh

Create a random/open weave basket  1/2 day workshop  a great way to create a sculptural basket  which is just that little bit different. Date 31st March Venue Belmont Hall

Create a small wild bird  -  create a woodpecker or kingfisher or similar, a lovely  introduction to sculpting birds. Date 9th  June Venue to be confirmed

Full Day workshops

The full day workshops aimed at  beginners / but are also suitable for those with some experience .They cost £70 and  run from 10am – 4.00pm (unless otherwise stated) . Please note that the level of detail that you will achieve will depend on your level of experience.

 Large wild bird workshop , Create a wading bird e.g. egrets, herons.  Date Saturday the 10th March  Venue to be confirmed

Small animal workshop, Create a  cute piglet for your garden , a great introduction to animal sculptures.   Date 21st April Venue to be confirmed

Garden willow sculpture workshop – a full day creating a range of garden items including, obelisks, plant climbers , bird feeders, plant trellises and the like. Date Saturday 28th April 9.30 -4.30 pm, £65. Venue  The D@rt Centre Wildern School , Hedge End. To book a place please contact the centre directly (details below)

 Domestic birds ducks and  chickens willow sculpture workshop. Date 19th May  Suitable for beginners and intermediates. Venue to be confirmed

Medium/large fruit willow sculptures – create willow   apples and pears for the garden Date  30th June Venue to be confirmed

Intermediate full day workshops

These workshops are aimed at students who have already attended  at least one of my full day willow sculpture workshop before.

The workshops run from 10am  - 4.30 pm and cost £80

Create a willow fox  ,  make it cute or wild and cunning its up to you  ,

Date 9th June . Venue to be confirmed

Create a willow  deer , make  it cute or wild and at  home in the woodlands its up to you Date 14th July  Venue to be confirmed


More about the workshops that I offer

I provide a variety of introductory and intermediate half day  and full day willow workshops.

 Half day workshop

These workshops cost £45  and  are ideal for  participants who have a little or no experience of making a willow sculpture and so is an ideal introduction to the art.
Topics will include working with live/ green willow to create live willow domes and fedges.
Small birds, bird feeders, medium willows obelisks/  globes, flowers.
Garden items e.g. obelisks, plant climbers ,bird feeders, plant trellises.
Catalonian platters, small baskets.free form baskets.

 Full day workshops fall into two categories

1. Activities for students who are new to willow sculpture or have some experience:
Large wild birds - e.g herons/ egrets,  duck/chickens , rabbits/ hares. medium sized globes and fruit . Bird houses, mushrooms.

2. Intermediate workshops for students with some experience who have ideally already attended one of my other sculpture workshops.
Swans, heron, owls , pheasants, peacocks, flamingos, fox, medium  medium deer/reindeer , piglets/ small pig, lamb. Large bird house, large spheres, apples and pears

Intermediate 2 day willow sculpture

> I also provide 2 day workshops creating  larger/ more detailed animals and more advanced sculpture designs.

 What to expect :

  • All tools and materials are included,  you are welcome to bring your own tools if you wish to and it is useful to bring a large damp towel to wrap the willow in.
  • I will provide drinks and light snacks please advise me if you have any dietary requirements. and a light lunch on my own  full day workshops (please note that other organisations might ask you to bring your own lunch)
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that you like working in
  • My class sizes are small, with a maximum of  8  participant places on each workshop unless otherwise stated.
  • If you are making a large item you might find it easier to sit on the floor I will bring cushions just in case.
  • As well as tuition on the day I usually  provide further information including links to resources/ materials and other useful web links  and how to look after willow sculptures that you keep outside.
  • Please note that working with willow and using small tools can be tiring on the hands and require a good level of hand dexterity and will be difficult to do if you have arthritis of a similar condition , please contact me if you have any queries,
  • Please note that places must be booked a week in advance to allow me time to soak the willow..

To book  your place please visit my craft shop page  listed at the top.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer please email me via info@jaxsarts.co.uk

For further details  including my cancelation policy  view further details 


Belmont Hall 105 Belmont Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3FL. The hall is located 5 minutes drive from Junction 5, m27 and on bus routes from Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford ( if you are looking for the address on google mail search for Velmore Pre School)

The Barn at Itchen Valley Country Park is located on the edge of Southampton 10 minutes drive from m27 Junction 7 coming from the South or Junction 5  from the North

 https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/ivcp address Allington Lane West End, Southampton SO30 3HQ

The D@rt Centre, is located 5 minutes drive from M27 Juntion 7 near to Hedge End Village. http://thedart.co.uk/ address Wildern Lane, Hedge End SO30 4EJ

The Hilldeen Centre , 68 High St, West End, Southampton SO30 3DU  which is located  a short distance  of the m27 junction 7.   http://www.hilldenecentre.org.uk/

The Sorting Office Production House Studio, Wells Rd, Eastleigh SO50 5FY

For information about all of the activities that I teach please visit the relevant pages