Ink and paper cutting crafts

The great thing with ink based crafts is that once you have learned the basics you can take your new found skills in many different directions

I offer both beginners/ returners and intermediate classes in the following subjects .

Photo of plant based lino block printingLino block printing – I offer beginner and intermediate level classes – creating either traditional blocks or Lino stamps for crafts/ card making as well as creating your own artwork.


image of art work creating in my mono printing workshopExperimental mono printing – The technique of mono printing allows you to create unique art works and  stunning effects by using everyday materials. Each image is unique and is a great way to explore pattern, texture and color .

Creating printing blocks

Create your own printing blocks ready for stamping cards, fabrics, furniture, walls the choice is yours.

I do so like to mix different crafts and wo why not have some fun combining inks and printmaking with the art of  paper cutting  , its great fun

image of papercutting activities that I teach Paper cutting and inks  - using a range of papers a craft knife and some imagination create a ideal for card making and crating unique art works.




Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more about any of the workshops.