Peg loom weaving and rag rug making

Peg Loom weaving and rag rug weaving  are traditional crafts that came about because of necessity, and the need to make things out of what you had to hand .

In todays world these crafts are being relearned and reinvented  as a way to create  low cost unique heirloom  items  and art works.

I provide workshops which introduce you to  creating traditional items such as decorative rugs wall hangings ,covers  as well as creating  fashionable items to wear such as hats, scarfs, bags etc.

picture of student making rag rug heart Rag rug crafts

We will be covering all aspects of creating a proddy or hook rag rug . You will also learn how to select materials  prepare and transfer your design,  how to use the tools and tension your work and how to finish. This workshop is offered as a full day workshop.

photo of rag rug cushion and starting a rag rugpicture showing creating a rag rug


picture of student using peg loom

Peg loom weaving A lovely craft that has been around for many years and is only recently being discovered again.

Create your own fabric from unwanted items, old materials, clothing / wool,  recycled materials etc. . The material can then be used to create a wide range of items that are functional e.g bags, cushions or accessories such as scarves, hats etc  or be used to create unique art works.

student using one of my peg looms


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