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Autumn activities coming soon

I have lots of willow making activities arranged for the autumn including making mushrooms, owls, deer and crafts fro Christmas. I am also going to provide demonstrations and activities at the Blue Cross Animal Rescue fun dayon the 2nd September and the Stay Wild Festival at Itchen Valley Country Park on the 9th and 10th September

Other activities planned include making wire owl decorations , a tree of life weaving activity at the New Forest Art Centre . more planned including some printmaking activities


Christmas Craft Fair and workshop vouchers

When ever I am out giving demonstrations at different events  I am often asked where to buy the equipment that I am using , sometimes the answer is simple however when it comes to traditional crafts  its not so easy .

Well I have finally taken the step and booked a table at a craft fair my first being Bishops Waltham Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday the 12th December .

All of the equipment and items will be made by my own fare hands . So I am starting with peg looms with fabric kits and instructions, rag rug making kits and some of the items that I teach in my workshops including willow stars, Christmas trees and some of my prints.

Alongside this I am introducing my own workshop gift vouchers.


Taking on new challenges- teaching arts and crafts

Taking on new challenges . I know that it can be scary but its always worth doing .
A while ago I was asked to run several 6 week courses for a local art center, this would involved lots pf paperwork , student assessing etc. not really my way of working as I like to adapt as I go along but I decided that it was worth the challenge to see if i could work this way, after all I did get the teaching adult certificates a few years ago so I might as well have a go.

Anyway the first week or two definitely challenged me , the classes were aimed at beginners so I had planned accordingly, where as the reality was that several of the students were quite experienced but didnt know how to read patterns and wanted to check that what they were doing was the right way.
I also discovered that I was dyslexic an odd thing to discover and strange that It hasnt been identified before now, but anyway it made sense of why so many things were tricky for me and why I approach things in unconventional all be it creative ways

Remembering names has always been a tricky one and the need to write up detailed notes straight after the session just wasnt going to work for me. Its very odd how you find so many of the things that you take for granted because there normal to you but are deemed as being different rather than just an alternative approach.

Anyway after some more thoughts and more adapting ive now just completed including finding different ways to help me to deal with the course paperwork Ive now just completed the fourth week.
I can happily say that everyone has achieved what they set out to do, and have gained lots of new skills and confidence , two more weeks to go now.
I am going to miss the class , mind you Im already planning for the next 6 week crafts course starting at the beginning of November , another new challenge.

The Summer is over time away in my camper van and project management

I have been so busy over the summer months running holiday activities for children and working with project managing this years Lantern Parade for Winchester Cathedral that I have finally got around to taking some time of work for some well earned of in my v dub, She has now been partly rebuilt and now has a cooker sink and bed back in her, still lots more to do and I am really hoping to find the time to paint her I am going to turn her into a piece of art when I get time and I was really inspired by this great v dub to create my own version

vdub radio

This weekend Ejector Seat Festival in Southampton

I am often busy providing activities for children and families during the school hols and adults during term time but rarely provide activities that young people can get involved in, I usually try to offer some time at a local festivals and this weekend I am providing activities l at the Ejector Seat Festival in Southampton.

Now I wont deny that it is often easy to fall into the trap of offering activities such as making magical wings which is great for the younger children as is creating giant doodle murals which is great for all ages, however someone is already offering a drawing activity and so I thought that I would offer something a bit different.

As I am going to be offering some willow workshops again in the summer I thought that it might be quite cool to offer some easy to do crafts and as there isnt much room to make willow domes etc I thought that it would be good to offer some basic cane  flowers and creating dream catchers.

So if you are in the location this Saturday why not come along for good music good food and lots of things to do.

is already a drawing activity I was toying with try to find  am joining this years Ejector Seat Festival in the arts market where I will selling some of my Jewellery. Demonstrating willow sculpture and teaching people how to make willow bird feeders, hearts and flowers as well as taking my peg looms along for people to have a go.

The joys and tribulations of providing workshops in new areas .

I am often contacted by people interested in attending one of my workshops ….. one of the problems is that trying to find a venue that is both affordable and flexible ….especially when you are trying to get something going ……. In an area where there is a good history of providing activities this is much easier as potential attendees are often checking out local publicity for new activities to join…

The next difficulty is as with anything  location and just as importantly marketing. we all have so many different ways of finding out about things, the top one being venue newsletters and word of mouth followed by web searches and local posters. …. its amazing any people still look out for venues in local shops however that is becoming more of a problem now as many shops who are part of a chain will not promote activities and there are more and more areas where very few independent shops exist…. making it much more difficult on the whole to promote new activities. So with this in mind I have decided to start up  a mailing list of people interested in specific activities. So if you have any requests and ideas please do get in touch and ill let you know when there is enough interest to get something going.

New crochet classes for beginers for the spring term

I have just booked the Eastleigh Library for a new series of crochet workshops, starting with two beginners classes, it will be interesting to see if there is enough interest to introduce some more advanced classes.  If you are interested in finding out more please visit my current workshops page or alternatively if you have any ideas / preferences for future activities.

Eastleigh the four seasons mural project December 12

We have now completed the Eastleigh Mural project just in time for Christmas.


The  four panel design is now up and I am ready to take a well earned rest just in time for Christmas , it has been so lovely to receive  positive comments  from local residents they have been a great talking point for families living nearby who have loved the color and different things to look at  a great talking point for families with young children in particular, as with all projects that involve the community you are never quite sure what reception you might receive.

Recovering from the Isle of Wight Festival

A couple of weekends ago , I was working in the children’s area at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Unfortunately this year the dreadful weather put many families of attending but for those who made it the children’s area was the one place in the festival that was free, mostly dry and lots of fun. a great bunch of people come together to provide activities. mind you the lack of sleep on the Thursday it took me 12 1/2 hours to travel 5 miles definitely took the edge of , along with that the festival goers were not let on site until 4pm on the Friday . at least Sunday was a good day  and  as the mid summers weekend has a washout for the last couple of years its to be expected , roll on the sunshine

Andover Jubilee Celebrations

Over the Jubilee weekend I joined forces with my friend and fellow artist Stuart Jebbitt to offer a creating a range of creative characters with families at the Andover Jubilee Jamboree. We were very lucky with the weather with the odd down poor and windy but as usual we didn’t let this stop the fun.