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Willow crafts in Southampton

I’m really l0oking forward to this weekends Art of Heritage event at St Church Southampton the 9th 10th 11th September Art-of-heritage-st-denys-urban-art-festival-12598

As well as exhibiting some of my artwork,I am going to be providing willow making activities for people to have a go  as well as selling a small selection of work ,

You will also find me at this years Pumpkin Festival at Netley Country Park on the edge of Southampton on the 10th of  October Pumpkin-festival-and-scarecrow-avenue-at-royal-victoria-country-park-in-southampton-p692751

A most interesting project working with young people living in a secure childrens home

Just before the summer I was invited to work with a group of young people who reside on a secure children home,  the young who live in the  centre also attend lessons in the on site education unit who  on occasion invite organizations and individuals with specialisms to come and spend time with them.

I was invited to work on a sculptural project with the young people introducing them to 3d work and materials that they hadnt worked with before,

Many of the young people find it difficult to work together on a collective project and often were not confident in their own abilities to be creative so I knew from the outset that I would need to be adaptive in my approach and focus on enabling them to take part,  I already knew that if they didnt like me then it would be a very difficult to progress, thankfully this wasnt a problem.

Working in very small groups of 3 – 4 participants at a time often with support workers attached. I introduced the young people to using paper mache and mud rock , we then moved on to include wire mesh and finally paper clay and solid foam board skeltons. Myself and  the art teacher decided to set them the challenge of creating a 3d human head the subject being up to them. The winners would receive a prize of their choosing and so they chose a takeaway of their choice.

golden man with dreadsThis is the winning entry , they were so proud of taking part and I was so fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to spend time with them.


My goose ready for the the Robert Davies animal sculpture workshop

Robert Davies Goose

The Robert Davies drawing exhibition depicts a range of animals who are considered to best of breed contrasted with animals who have been intensely  reared who have now been rescued. Robert captures the character of each of the animals in his drawings.

Winchester Discovery Centre asked me  to provide animal sculpture workshops for families responding to his work.
We created chickens, geese, pigs, cows, sheep and horses.

 Because the sculptures needed to be  ready to take away within a three hour time frame I use papier mache principles with mud rock using mud rock as the outer layers.
My goose after the workshop
I created templates for each of the animals that Robert had drawn allowing participants to choose the one that they liked the best.
I also created this goose sculpture as an example and a pig which I worked on during the sessions.
 To make the goose I  cut a body, head and neck, two wings and feet from thick cardboard. I taped the head neck and body together treating this as one piece and then padded  it and the wings with  scrunched newspaper and covered with masking tape.

The feet were made large to ensure stability these wire fastened to wire legs.

All of the pieces were covered with two layers of mud rock and joined together, further  detail was added with smaller pieces.
The families took more mud rock home with them so that they could do another layer and repair any damage that might occur on the way home.I have advised the students to leave it to dry ( 2- 3 days)  before they decorate it .

Now that the workshops have run I intend to finish my goose ( when I find he time and  use a mix of plaster and pva glue as a final coat. once this is dry I will sand it down and paint it with acrylics.
I will share post a photograph of the piece when it is completed.

Working on the mural project day 2 and 3

A great project to have been part of , lots of people joined in which was great, unfortunately week 2 and 3 were so wet that  we resorted to interspersing the painting with varnish and the drips still came through. This also meant that we needed to add a final day to the project and hoped for good weather