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Crochet fun making a playground

I have always had a passion for all things that are woven from crochet to peg loom weaving and willow. I love seeing what can be created with a imaginative mind


How simple things can make a real difference- fostering the imagination and cardboxes

I dont know if you have stumbled across the Imagination Foundation they are just a great . At the moment they are asking groups people etc to take part in the great cardboard challenge . So if you love making things out of things that would be thrown away getting involved and encouraging creativity and  inventing wonderful creations  heres an opportunity to join in with something that is both simple and fun


Meeting people who enjoy sharing creative activites

It is often difficult finding new people who enjoy the same activities and interests that you do.

I have always been interested in sketching outside but have always found that you spend much of your time being disturbed by well intentioned people who are curious about what you are doing and I am just to polite to be rude to them to get them to leave me alone.

One of the solutions for me has to join a local meet up group, ( members come from all over the place and from many different backgrounds the one thing you have in common is the topic of the group. Now I know that groups do exist where  people are not that  welcoming and if the group is such that they always meet at the same place with the same people it can get a bit creaky  however the clue to that is to try one or two sessions and move on to another one if it isnt for you.

I have been lucky. I joined a sketching group where members attend when they can and  we spent yesterday sketching at The Vyne a National Trust Property near Basingstoke. Some people stayed together others went of on their own it really didnt matter. I think the key to the groups success is  that we knew that we could find one of the group if we needed to so we no one feel as if they were on their own,  everyone was  supportive and helpful and non judgmental  and we talked about the topic and did not dwell on our  personal lives

Learning about history through art and craft projects

Much of the work that I do links to creating a project around a theme  of some kind with  different audiences which can include children and families as well as providing activities for adults. I am currently working on a historical project on behalf of the Gosport Royal Navy Submarine Museum about the Victoria Cross and the roads named after the submariners who were awarded the cross.

When working with an audience who are likely to have a varied experience of creating art works I found that offering a range of mixed media activities that everyone can have a go at ranging from printmaking to combining printed images with paint and layering techniques can provide a fantastic range of exiting pieces that even a complete beginner can have great success with.

I am always keen to use materials that enables participants to experiment without making to much of a dent in their wallets and am often asked if I can  recommend books and web sites with further ideas. So with this in mind I have recently discovered a great web site with lots of free tutorials about combining print and art materials and recommend visiting Nitsa Malik,s website


Starting the new year as we mean to carry on, a potential embrionic arts collective/ venue

Hi Ive just been to a really exiting meeting in Southampton with other creative  people from the area,facilitated by the Art House in Southampton we are hoping to create a creative work space for individuals / groups who want to have flexibility in their work, meet other interested people and are at all different levels in their journey.

Very much in its early stages and likely to be a very organic process with ideas and possibilities developing as time moves on ,  there were be many barriers to overcome including funds and skill levels, this for me is one of the greatest ways for an idea to work a place ,where new ideas  and possibilities spring from.

Kick starting the creative process

As with all creative tasks I often find myself being so busy with doing lots of different things  that I dont allow myself the time to just sit back and let my imagination take over

I wanted to explore this topic by taking part in activity’s that would allow me the time to free up my own creative nature and  fortunately have been able to  enroll on  a free 3 week online course ,recently designed and created by a lovely fellow creative Jani Frank who has  been through the same thought process herself and wanted to share this with others.

My sticking point during the last exercise was keeping a creative journal mainly because I am involved in so many creative practices that I found it difficult to find a way to record what I was doing. The thing to consider is whether or not to set up to different journals or try to manage with a folder with inserts or a mixture of both,  I am not sure which one I will go for ..  so  Ive decided to sign up for Janis follow on course which is  a 30 day journaling exercise and maybe by the end of it Ill have decided which I prefer.

Fantastic experimental mono printing fun

Students experimenting with mono printingA great way to finish this terms Friday workshops at Winchester Discovery Centre .One of my favorite activity’s I love the fun that people have inventing and creating, you never know what it going to be and is great to be able to encourage creativity



Students creating mono printsStudents creating mono prints again