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New Forest Ephemeral Land Art Activity

Come along and help me to create the ephemeral artwork, which will gradually revert back to being part of the environment.  Where we will making a ephemeral art piece inspired by the surroundings.

Taking place at Blackwater Arboritum in The New Forest today 11th June 16 for further details visit my families and childrens activities page



National play day , willow dragonfly’s

willow dragonflysIts national play day tomorrow I am making willow dragonflys with children and familys at Holly Hill Countryside Park as part of the fun countryside day that Fareham Borough Council is running, there is also going to be making dens and camp fires definitely my kind of thing to be involved in makes me wish I was a kid again :-)

Winchester Christmas Lantern Parade 2013

We had a incredibly busy lantern parade lots of fantastic lanterns on display a great write up in the Daily Echo. With some lovely pics

And just to say a  big thank you  to all of my amazing volunteers it was great working with you all.

Teaching parents how to face paint their children

I have just had spent a lovely day at Winchester Lantern Children Centre introducing parents to  the art of face painting.

My aim as usual was to provide parents with some hints and tips that the books don’t tell you and help them to feel more confident about approaching  face painting their children.

I first started face painting when my son was two years old ( he is now 25) as a means of providing a fun activity and offering a freebie to friends as a present when I didnt have very much money, in fact I often made presents or offered to provide activities as a present little did I know then that I would be where I am now.

When Ash was 8 years old and I had finished my university studies I went to work on Southampton s Play Bus for 3 years where every school holiday I trained staff to face paint ready for the children’s schemes, this carried on when I moved on to running Eastleigh Councils play schemes and over the years I have provided many subsequent training sessions as well as working at Festivals providing face painting as well as art activities in the children’s areas.

Always a useful skill t which  I enjoy passing on but this was the first time that I had agreed to providing a basic workshop for parents with their children so once again the old thinking cap on deciding what tips might be of most use to parents.




Eastleigh the four seasons mural project December 12

We have now completed the Eastleigh Mural project just in time for Christmas.


The  four panel design is now up and I am ready to take a well earned rest just in time for Christmas , it has been so lovely to receive  positive comments  from local residents they have been a great talking point for families living nearby who have loved the color and different things to look at  a great talking point for families with young children in particular, as with all projects that involve the community you are never quite sure what reception you might receive.

Day 4 or the last day of the mural project

Thankfully the last day was much better and we spend the day patching up and pulling everything together outlining etc.
As an artist you have an interesting part to play when working on this kind or project which is  linked to realizing an over all vision whilst working working with the participants to allow them the opportunity to interact with the piece and if appropriate add to the overall design.

Its amazing how many of the volunteers stuck with us through thick and thin and to them we were eternally grateful.

It was also lovely to hear about the reaction from the children and families at the school.. it had opened so many possibilities for the school to use this as an addition to their teaching  practice  and it was lovely to see the children interacting with the artwork pretending that they were part of the scene , asking questions about the quirky bits that we had all put in as well as recognizing sections that had been inspired by their original designs.

Mural Project initial proposal and 1st meeting

Hi I thought I’d share with you my experience of working on a joint mural project at Shamblehurst Junior School in Hedge End, Eastleigh.
Several months ago I was contacted by the centre manager ( Alison Neasom ) from the  D@rt Art Center, Hedge End, , to ask me I would be interested on working on a joint mural project with two other artist.
The D@rt were having a new theatre built on site and a hording had been erected between both of the schools, hence the idea of a mural project. In interesting proposition.

A meeting was called to include myself and the other artist Karen Donnely and David Booth, Alison Neasom from The D@rt , a teacher and some of the children from Shamblehurst school.
We soon discovered that the children at the school had been asked to make a drawing linked to the notion of theatre, 20 or so of the pictures had been chosen from across the year groups and these were brought to the meeting for us to look at.
We spent the time talking to the children about the project and then asked them to look at the pictures and place them into different groups.