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The 1st of several craft workshops for home educated children

I have just spent a lovely morning with a group of families who home educate their children , always a pleasure.   I had originally been asked to provide a workshop for children aged 9 -12 years however the familes asked if I could provide a activity that would also accommodate there younger children so the activity needed to also be easy enough for children as young as 4 to be able to complete the activity with their parents assistance as well as being challenging enough for the older children. It didnt make much to adapt the session to suite and as I am always keen to create items from materials that we would normally throw away I wanted to create a activity that could wouldn’t cost very much.

So together we made paper bead making, bracelets and necklaces  and plastic tube chokers and bracelets suited everyone’s needs including the adults. The older children were a little reserved in the beginning thinking that it was a activity aimed at their younger siblings, however they soon joined in when they realized that there were more challenges.


The There and Here ASPEX Gallery exhibition is now open for business

If you are anywhere near Portsmouth Hampshire that you might want to pop into the ASPEX Art Gallery current exhibition
where you will see “My Journey” series on display

Papercutting workshop

As  the Ashcroft Art Centre has asked me to provide a paper cutting valentines workshop for them at the end of the month, I thought that it would be good to share some of the useful paper cutting pages that I like, it is odd how things come around over the years. In the past I have created many stencils  to jazz up fabric and create individual designs, and to personalize walls, furniture etc, experimenting with traditional manilla board and plastics but I have never really got into paper cutting as a craft that is until now  its funny how being asked to provide a workshop reignites a interest.


Christmas tree decorations on a tight budget, using recycled materials drop in activity

If your out and about  in Southampton Centre next Friday (19th December)

I am going to be at the Tiger Yard pop up arts/ crafts shop showing people how to make Christmas tree decorations for pennies . To support this fantastic initiative I am asking for donations  to cover my costs . The activity is taking place between 1.30 and 4.30 all are welcome

The Tiger Yard is located in East Street


Yellow Vintage Christmas Fair Sunday 30th November

I am really looking forward to this Sunday, Ive taken a table at the Yellow Vintage Fair , its such a great event and I can but give it a go.

Ive focused on making 60s and 70s inspired jewelery and crafts all made by own fair hands, my jewellery is made from wire, resin, paper and plastic, Im also bringing some flower corsages, some traditional handmade Christmas decorations, and several of my home made Peg Looms so its going to be very interesting to see what sells.

How to make a willow lantern guidance

My new introduction on how to make a willow lantern is now available for sale from £2 at Southampton Scrapstore along with willow bundles and wet strength tissue

Or via myself as a printable pdf for more details please contact me

Getting ready for Christmas a little early

I spent the weekend collecting sloes in the rain to make my sloe gin for next Christmas , making some blackberry whiskey and making willow / cane stars, hearts and Christmas trees ready for my workshop on Saturday the 13th December. How about you?

Face painting workshops for families

Ive had a busy couple of weeks teaching face painting to parents in Southampton , Cosham and Fareham .

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Changes to my lantern making workshop for adults

Hi Just to let you know that I have needed to cancel this workshop which is a a real pity. however I will be offering Christmas Cane Flowers and Stars workshop at Totton College in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for more information.

Creating reusable art at the Pumpkin Festival

Supporting my lovely fellow volunteers with Southampton Scrapstore a project that Is right the core of recycling and recreating activities, those  of you who follow my posts will now that Ive been a major supporter of this fantastic project. We had a fantastic day at the Pumpkin Festival today and the shelter coped with the weather, We chatted to lots of new people as well as meeting old friends. This year with lack of troops on the ground we decided to try something different and create a giant artwork using scrap which could then be taken apart and reused.
The images show the blanks boards that we started with and the final collage.Which was based in a ww1 solder standing  in a poppy field
netley pumpkin festnetley pumpkin fest 2 netley pumpkin fest 3