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Christmas Craft Fair and workshop vouchers

When ever I am out giving demonstrations at different events  I am often asked where to buy the equipment that I am using , sometimes the answer is simple however when it comes to traditional crafts  its not so easy .

Well I have finally taken the step and booked a table at a craft fair my first being Bishops Waltham Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday the 12th December .

All of the equipment and items will be made by my own fare hands . So I am starting with peg looms with fabric kits and instructions, rag rug making kits and some of the items that I teach in my workshops including willow stars, Christmas trees and some of my prints.

Alongside this I am introducing my own workshop gift vouchers.


Christmas crafts, new workshops

Lots planned with the run up to Christmas with much more in the New Year,

Ive been very busy organizing and running my craft workshops , its been great fun and a joy to meet so many interesting students.

Its been a interesting time . Ashcroft Centre at Fareham  asked me to run some regular 6 week courses for them and I cant deny I was quite nervous especially because of the additional paperwork . However the  benefits of spending time with a group of students getting to know them and supporting them along the way has been well worth the effort and has helped me to focus my energies.

It has led me to believe that there is a real need to offer activities where people can regularly come together so I  am planning to offer a selection of themed workshops over a period of time . students will able to leave their creations at my studio which means that they will be able to work at a pace that suits them and they wont need to rush to finish .


Autumn Crochet Classes Hobbycraft Southampton

Have you always fancied having a go at learning how to crochet? Have you tried but got all tangles well if you have this is your opportunity to learn the basics

I am providing 4 x 3hr sessions at  Hobbycaft Southampton starting on Monday October 19th  until Monday 9th November  for more details visit my current workshop page

Taking on new challenges- teaching arts and crafts

Taking on new challenges . I know that it can be scary but its always worth doing .
A while ago I was asked to run several 6 week courses for a local art center, this would involved lots pf paperwork , student assessing etc. not really my way of working as I like to adapt as I go along but I decided that it was worth the challenge to see if i could work this way, after all I did get the teaching adult certificates a few years ago so I might as well have a go.

Anyway the first week or two definitely challenged me , the classes were aimed at beginners so I had planned accordingly, where as the reality was that several of the students were quite experienced but didnt know how to read patterns and wanted to check that what they were doing was the right way.
I also discovered that I was dyslexic an odd thing to discover and strange that It hasnt been identified before now, but anyway it made sense of why so many things were tricky for me and why I approach things in unconventional all be it creative ways

Remembering names has always been a tricky one and the need to write up detailed notes straight after the session just wasnt going to work for me. Its very odd how you find so many of the things that you take for granted because there normal to you but are deemed as being different rather than just an alternative approach.

Anyway after some more thoughts and more adapting ive now just completed including finding different ways to help me to deal with the course paperwork Ive now just completed the fourth week.
I can happily say that everyone has achieved what they set out to do, and have gained lots of new skills and confidence , two more weeks to go now.
I am going to miss the class , mind you Im already planning for the next 6 week crafts course starting at the beginning of November , another new challenge.

National play day , willow dragonfly’s

Its national play day tomorrow I am making willow dragonflys with children and familys at Holly Hill Countryside Park as part of the fun countryside day that Fareham Borough Council is running, there is also going to be making dens and camp fires definitely my kind of thing to be involved in makes me wish I was a kid again :-)

Time still left to book spaces on my face painting workshop next Monday

Hi just a quick reminder that there are still a few places left on the introduction to facepainting workshop next Monday at Hobby craft Southampton, with only  a week or two to go before the start of the summer holidays here is the ideal opportunity to learn a new skill. At only £25 per person its a real bargain.

Facepaintingpicture of face ppainting student

Rag rug workshop in carehomes

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  As part of the Care Homes National open day where care homes accross the country will be inviting visitors through there doors. I have been invited to create a large rag rug picture to go on the wall at the Fair Haven Care Home in Southampton.

Residents, staff and visitors on the day will be contributing to the art work which once completed will be hung in the reception as a reminder and a welcome to visitors as they walk in the door.

For more information

Toton and Eling Arts Festival, May Bank HolidayEnviromental Rock and May half term activites

If your looking for things to do over the Bank holiday why not come and join me at the Totton & Eling Arts Festival  at Hanger Farm Arts Centre tomorrow ,running from 11am to 5pm providing taster workshops making stencils, no sew bunting and thave a go at face painting ,    there’s lots of things to do with lots of  entertainment   Totton & Eling Arts Festival

On Monday I am over at the Hobbit Pub providing have a fg making dream catchers, poi and ribbon sticks  , Southampton  Environmental Rock fundraiser running from 12pm – 6pm it promised to be a great event £1 entry per person, or £2 per family (kids have free entry).

If your looking for family friendly craft activities over half term then visit my  families workshop page to find out about the mermaid workshop at Fareham Ashcroft Centre and Dart Centre Hedge End Eastleigh Southampton

The 1st of several craft workshops for home educated children

I have just spent a lovely morning with a group of families who home educate their children , always a pleasure.   I had originally been asked to provide a workshop for children aged 9 -12 years however the familes asked if I could provide a activity that would also accommodate there younger children so the activity needed to also be easy enough for children as young as 4 to be able to complete the activity with their parents assistance as well as being challenging enough for the older children. It didnt make much to adapt the session to suite and as I am always keen to create items from materials that we would normally throw away I wanted to create a activity that could wouldn’t cost very much.

So together we made paper bead making, bracelets and necklaces  and plastic tube chokers and bracelets suited everyone’s needs including the adults. The older children were a little reserved in the beginning thinking that it was a activity aimed at their younger siblings, however they soon joined in when they realized that there were more challenges.


The Here and There exhibition at Aspex Gallery is now open for business

If you are anywhere near Portsmouth Hampshire that you might want to pop into the ASPEX Art Gallery current exhibition
where you will see “My Journey” series on display